Our Capabilities

Fire Supression – 7,400 gallons of tanked water – 5,000 gpm pump capacity – 5 in LDH – 1 ¾ & 2 ½ hand lines – (4) 1,000 gpm master streams – Class A & B foam

Fire Prevention – Fire Inspection – Fire Education – Fire Investigation – Pre-planning – Infrastructure: 14+ sq, miles / 18,000 residents

Emergency Medical/Rescue – BLS response (Basic Life Support) – (no transport) – Auto Extrication

Water Rescue – Rescue Boats – Cold Water Rescue Suits

HAZMAT Response – Product ID – Air monitoring – Decontamination – Mitigation

Emergency Preparedness – NIMS Training – Disaster Preparedness / Response

Community Requests – The Excelsior Fire District receives numerous requests every year. As our medical and fire emergency calls increase, so do the requests for us to participate in parades, community events, fire prevention education, and medical standbys. We have guidelines and procedures put in place for any request that is received by the fire district. These have been established to ensure the safety and protection for citizens and firefighters that are involved in these functions. Because of the overwhelming demand for the fire district’s services, we have set up additional notification specifications for requests. Please see the Community Service Information Packet for more information.

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Photo by Jim Douglas