Donation Information

The Fire District is funded primarily through tax dollars provided by the residents and businesses of the five cities. Additionally, fees, grant funds, special assessments, and donations help provide funding to the District. Fundraising efforts for various projects such as fire prevention equipment, station upgrades, apparatus, special response vehicles (Boats and ATV’s) and fire suppression equipment are continuous.


Examples of projects include:

   •Excelsior Fire District Boat

Because of the unique circumstances and challenges of an emergency on the water, our rescue boat is an important resource. It is an “emergency room” on the water. All the supplies for medical emergencies and fire emergencies have to be anticipated and accessible. On land, we have trucks stocked with just medical supplies, and several trucks equipped to respond to just fire emergencies. On the water, the Rescue Boat is a combination of a medical and fire response vehicle. Out on the lake, there is not an option to have more equipment brought to the emergency or to send a firefighter back to the fire station for more supplies. The firefighters strive to equip the boat with the most advanced and state of art equipment.

   •Fire Prevention Equipment / Supplies

   •Training Equipment – CPR Mannequins


Donations are always needed.

If you would like to donate by mail, you can send in your donation made payable to: “The Excelsior Fire District”

Mail to: Excelsior Fire District, 24100 Smithtown Road, Shorewood, MN 55331


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