Code Enforcement Information

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1.  EFD Tent Safety

2.  EFD Requirements for Tents Under 400 sq. ft.

3.  EFD Requirements for Tents Over 400 sq. ft.

4.  EFD Requirements Checklist for Concessions, Vendors & Tents

5.  Exit Sign Emergency Lighting Log

6.  Decoration Policy in Multi-Family Dwellings

7.  Residential Smoke Alarms “What You Need To Know”

8.  Smoke Co2 Alarm Log

9.  Carbon Monoxide Alarms Info Sheet

10. EFD Inspection Program Policy – Cost Recovery

11. Food Truck Compressed Gas Cylinders Must be Inspected

12. EFD Permit Application Procedure Checklist

13. EFD Plan Review Checklist

14. EFD Inspection Requirements New & Existing Construction